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Starting a blog

So I thougt I'd start a blog. There are several motivations for this:

  1. I want to have place of personal marketing that is not in the hands of some 3rd party (like Facebook or Linkedin)
  2. I'm learning Clojure and I want to have a nice little project to practice on. A static blog engine seems like a god fit for this. As of now this is an imaginary blog engine. This entry is just a markdown file on my comuter computer.
  3. There is often a great deal of braincracking going on at my place and apperently the only remedy is to get things out into the open.
  4. I need to practice both my English and my typing skills

Learning Clojure

Lets start with why I'm learning Clojure: I try to get into something new now and then and having spent 2014 learning Android development I felt like it was time for something radically diffrent. Since Lisp apperently is the most powerful language there is, a Lisp seemed like a choice as good as any. To me, Lisp have an almost magical aura. It's the hackers version of Kung Fu, ainchent wisdom (the roots of Lisp can be traced back to the Lambda calculus all of 80 years old now, even predating practical computers), so powerful and shrouded in mystery. Forged in the flames of the IBM 704 in the deepest halls of MIT. The language of AI and of emacs, my most beloved editor. But how to pick a Lisp? To be honest I havent really done a thurogh analysis of all the Lisp offerings, Clojure just seem to have some nice features:

Static Blog Engine