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A year later

So, I didn't end up writing the static blog engine in Clojure, and now I cant really remember why. There were some problems getting Clojure to play nice with my Emacs installation on the Chromebook I use for almost all of my computing, and I sort of lost interest after that. Tools are only interesting as long as they work, and the reason I wanted too learn Clojure was that it seemed to be a powerful easy to get stuff done. Well, I didn't get anything done beyond tinkering with the Emacs install. No fun.

I did end up writing a static blog engine though. It currently weighs in at 52 lines of Python code and it handles:

The 52 lines of python is just for transforming and uploading, the actual content is placed inside a HTML page template heavily inspired by BetterMotherfuckingWebsite. Another 22 lines.