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Once upon a time I wrote a rudimentary CMS in PHP. It had user administration, a couple of different page types, a calendar... It was every bit as horrible as you might imagine. Everything was written from scratch, database access was inline SQL, hard coded values everywhere I was nervous about disk usage so image upload was restricted to... a few megabytes I think. When my users complained I didn't fix that, I installed Wordpress for them instead.

I was aware of the concept of "frameworks", CodeIgnite was the hot stuff back then I think. I didn't want to learn a framework though, I needed to get the damn website done.

I haven't touched PHP in maybe 8 years, but I'm starting to look at it again. And it has grown a little! It has name spaces now! They look a little weird, what but can you expect from a language that uses "." as a string concatenation operator? There are several different ORMs. There is even kind of a dependency manager. I haven't figured out how it works yet, same with Autoloader. But the next app will probably be in PHP.

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