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That's enough java

Though one of the best, or at least most prolific VMs out there, and
a language that is catching up to C# one slow update at a time I really
have had enough of Java now. The problem is the updater/installer.

Even before oracle took the reins the installer gained some additional "features". Like installing McAfee anti virus along side the Java run time. I thought this was long gone now, But today when I finally ran the updater that have been nagging me for almost a year at this point the sneaky fuckers added a Yahoo search bar to my chrome installation. I'm sure I didn't see any box to unmark this time, but presumably there was some way of opting out. Well hidden though.

So now the Yahoo add on is uninstalled and Java along with it. I've been trying to remember if I have anything that actually requires a java run time, but the only thing I can think of is Eclipse (which is very rarely touched these days, since I'm all in on Emacs) and possibly some online banking app, but that also has not been opened in years.

I don't doubt that I'll install Java again, but next time it will not be through Oracles installer.

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